Yao's Story simple

With a background that is as unique as her designs, Yao's journey began in the disciplined halls of a Chinese high school, where she excelled in the sciences.

Despite this, her passion for painting never dimmed, leading her to Italy to study fine arts, and later to the United States, where she completed her Master of Fine Arts.

Yao's diverse cultural experiences have deeply informed her aesthetic, blending Eastern traditions with Western modernity. As a professional tattoo artist and owner of a tattoo studio, she has dedicated her life to the art of storytelling through ink. INKARTISAN is the culmination of Yao's belief in the power of tattoos to express personal narratives.

INKARTISAN's temporary tattoos are crafted for those who seek to share their stories in a way that is both personal and transient, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of our lives.

Yao invites you to join her in celebrating the beauty of self-expression through INKARTISAN's bespoke temporary tattoos.