About Us

Introducing Yao - The Creative Force Behind INKARTISAN

At the heart of INKARTISAN, lies the passion and creativity of our visionary founder and designer, Yao. Hailing from China, Yao embarked on a remarkable journey that led her to become a prominent figure in the world of temporary tattoos. Allow us to share her inspiring story.

Yao's artistic journey began during her high school years, where she excelled as a science student, consistently achieving top grades. However, her true calling was always rooted in the world of art and drawing. Following her heart, Yao made the bold decision to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Painting in Italy.

Immersed in the vibrant art scene of Italy, Yao's creative spirit flourished. Her talent and dedication were recognized, and she went on to pursue a MFA degree, this time in Illustration Art, in the United States. This unique blend of experiences allowed Yao to deeply understand and appreciate the fusion of European, American, and Asian cultures, becoming a true connoisseur of their artistic expressions.

Today, Yao is not only a highly skilled professional tattoo artist but also the proud owner of a brick-and-mortar tattoo studio. Choosing this path was a natural progression for her, driven by her unwavering love for tattoo culture. She firmly believes that tattoos hold the power to help individuals tell their unique stories, expressing their innermost emotions and experiences on their bodies.

With INKARTISAN, Yao aims to bring the art of tattoos to a wider audience. By offering exceptional temporary tattoo designs, she envisions a world where this captivating culture can be embraced by all. From intricate patterns inspired by ancient traditions to contemporary designs that push the boundaries of self-expression, INKARTISAN reflects Yao's dedication to providing a diverse range of high-quality tattoo experiences.

As you explore our collection, you'll witness Yao's passion and expertise come to life. Each design is meticulously crafted to captivate and inspire, allowing anyone to adorn their bodies with unique works of art. Whether you seek a symbol of empowerment, a tribute to a loved one, or simply wish to experiment with your style, INKARTISAN offers a gateway to self-expression and discovery.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the fusion of culture, art, and personal narrative. Embrace your individuality, tell your story, and let INKARTISAN be your guide to temporary tattoo excellence.

Welcome to INKARTISAN, where creativity and self-expression collide.